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The LRV (Light Resilient Vehicle) Part two.

A while back I blogged a bit about our reason for picking a light SUV for a homestead car.  We chose not one but two Toyota RAV4 suv’s. One of the reasons I decided on a 2012 Rav that is identical to the one we’ve had in the family for four years was that the original Rav has been absolutely bullet-proof. No problems whatsoever, Ive changed oil religiously, swapped the battery and changed the brake pads (and one caliper).

We bought Rav1 as a Toyota Certified used car with 34k miles and are now at 87K+ and it still runs and drives like new! We are just approaching the need to replace the FACTORY tires!.

Then there is RAV2, my Rav, it’s been shall we say, interesting. I traded off my sporty hatchback (that was killing my back) on Rav2 which even though being 5 years old had only 24k miles on the odometer.  I’ve driven Rav2 for twenty thousand miles in the past 8 months, and I’ve nearly traded it off a dozen times.
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I tried this shit and trust me, if my ass had fallen face first into a mud puddle I would have had to try to use one of my three fire starting methods to light my shitty chap-stick and signal for help before not only my two phones were water-logged , or I in fact drowned because all the “survival” shit I was carrying made it impossible to get up! Continue reading →

What tomorrow might hold….

 The Scene from Taken , (Which should be mandatory viewing for anyone with Teen Daughters simply because of the methods the bad-guys use to gain the trust and abduct the young women!) will make you evaluate how your children can be better prepared to deal with this situation. None of us are Liam Neeson characters, but all of can better prepare our families to deal with violent encounters by equipping them with training, tools and most importantly proper situational awareness to survive. Continue reading →