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Old School is New Again

When we started OSS several years ago, it was about simple survival. Short cuts and tips for preparedness, lots of homesteading projects and how-to’s. Over time I allowed the site to get political, which was never our intent. The political side led to the destruction of the site, so we took it down for some time.

When we attempted to re-start it to deal with a mix of tech and preparedness, my heart just wasn’t in it. A few days ago I stumbled across our entire video vault which we thought had been deleted and I watched all of them. The early stuff we did was great, I’d forgotten how much fun it was to pass on our tribal and simple living techniques. So I’m going to try again, no politics, a little tech where warranted but mostly skills for a simple and free existence. I firmly believe we are due a major economic correction and the potential for global war is higher than since the Duck and Cover days of yore.

And I’m also getting up there in years and really REALLY want to drop as far off the grid as possible in the next few years. Follow our progress in downsizing, simplifying, learning, and preparing for the future… soon to be available on Patreon

Oh and 2018 will be: The Year of The SCOUT….. stay tuned.