What you should be doing right now..or..Prepping for REALITY

If you are the sort of nut that wishes for a total breakdown of society, so that you can feel superior to your fellow-man because you are a prepper (gawd I hate that term) and get to watch them starve before you do, then you won’t like this post…if you don’t like this post then well fuck you, go move to the “redoubt” and wipe your butt with a pine cone every day..

Obviously this blog is about SURVIVAL and “preparedness” is a portion of it. So assuming you are comfortable with your level of end of the world preparedness, what next?  More specifically what if the TEOTWAWKI in the classic wet dream/Walter Mitty fashion never arrives?  How many “Preppers” will find themselves on the street truly living a survival life because in their great hording orgy of stuff accumulation for the zombie apocalypse, the shadowy spectre of debt and loss of income took them out instead?


The end of your world as you know it is far more likely to come from criminal and economic forces than it is from plague, war or tyranny (although one can lead to the other. So while it is absolutely essential to prepare your family for surviving a natural or man-made event that plunges us into a WROL situation, you should be in parallel preparing your family for the high probability that it will not happen.

You don’t want to be 75 years old and eating freeze-dried blueberries in the dark because you can’t afford medicine and food, much less the light bill. While those who pooh-pooh your “prepping” back in the day are enjoying life.  So how do we prep for reality?


1. Get out of debt.  This is the single biggest key to wealth. I highly recommend the book: Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Which goes through all of the key financial steps to get debt free.

2. Have cash on hand: Not only “walkin round money” in your pocket but 90 days worth of cash for bills and groceries.

3. Have hard assets: You need a little gold or silver, rule of thumb for us is 10-15% of total savings in PM’s , the next best hard asset is land or properties.

4. Retirement funds: Yes dear survivalist, there is a very good chance that you will spend your final days bitching about the younger generation and being generally cantankerous rather than being eaten by zombies or bayoneted by illuminati soldiers.  So save for a possible retirement, it beats eating catfood in a van down by the river.

So lets assume that you have been a wise survivor and prepared not only for TEOTWAWKI but also have made ready for OSTWNEAIAB (Oh Shit The World Never Ended And I Am Broke), what is the smart survivalist doing right now?

Owning a business of some kind, opens a new world of opportunity. How?, simply put, as a business owner you can use the same strategies and tactics that the rich have used to well, get rich!  Quite honestly if things start to come unwound where I am, I’d rather board a chartered boat or plane with my family and get out than walk, and CASH is the key to survival in many cases throughout history.

Secondly I think the wise survivor who has met his basic obligations as listed above should be placing money into the stock market YES THE STOCK MARKET.  Go back and read that again, have a laugh, think about how stoopid it sounds, walk away and then come back in five minutes and read the next paragraph.

If you have money on hand, and have met the basics of survival for your family and whatever situation you think is likely, then open a brokerage account and start squirreling away cash into the account. DON’t buy anything yet, just let it sit as cash in the account. WHY???  I along with a whole pile of folks that are much more market savvy than myself think the markets are going to make a big correction soon.  When the market makes a big downward correction or even “crashes” is the time to BUY.


I can’t tell you what to buy,but  now is the time to build that war-chest, do research and be ready, a lot of millionaires were made during the great depression. Those survivors were smart and prepared. While the bleating sheep are selling off stocks like mad and the Wall Street Wolves are devouring them en-mass, there’s no reason the sheep dogs shouldn’t get a reward.  Besides cat food tastes like shit.








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