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We have been struggling for the past two years since we shut down OSS. Struggling with direction and focus. I have also personally been re-evaluating the whole “prepper” thing.

Re-evaluating how?  I have been into the entire preparedness thing since Red-Dawn was in theaters, I had my surplus alice pack and marlin .22 in the closet ready to go be a wolverine! Over time I realized the folly of backpack survival and gradually moved to a more “homestead” survival philosophy, all the while preparing for the “big event”/zombie apocalypse. In fact I was so busy prepping and building and getting politically active that I failed to notice The Shit Had Already Hit The Fan.

So what are we going to focus on?  Practical survival and security topics. By practical I do mean things that apply to the environment and times we find ourselves in. While you are stacking a pallet of TP in your basement and waiting on the EMP attack, I will be finding methods to increase my families personal, digital, property, and financial security against the threats we are facing today.

We are:  Dedicated to providing ideas and methods to help you and your family thrive in the future, no matter what that future holds. Some topics are: Operational Security, Information Security,Defensive tool reviews, Technology Product Reviews, Food Security ideas for urban/suburban, Physical security and self defense topics, Internet and IT products and techniques, Book reviews, Gear reviews, Training ideas and reviews, and Current events discussion.


We are NOT

1. A militia! We have no interest in repeating the war-between-the-states. We are a group of professionals in areas ranging from Information security to Law enforcement and outdoor survival. If survival to you means gearing up like a Marine in Kabul, then you are likely in the wrong place.

2. Police Haters/political hacks: This seems to be the latest “thing”, hating the police. We have no problems with the police, so long as they are behaving within constitutional law. Every group has bad players and painting all with a broad brush does neither side any favors.  And as to politics, you may see some political comment but in our view the entire system is beyond repair, so instead of wasting wind on whats going on, we will try and provide ways to survive it!

3. Interested in being on “Doomsday Preppers” or any other program. If you are visiting for this reason be advised We  will not be up-armoring any pickups, putting  bee hives on a trailer, blowing up anything, designing a death ray or building a castle while working out family issues. However; If you want to pay us $10,000.00 to film us building a secure comms system using linux and old pagers then please drop me a line.

4.  Purse carrying ninnies. If you get sand in your mangina at the sight of firearms or even better if we don’t clear said firearm 4 times because it’s pointed at the camera, please don’t bother commenting or emailing about our “lack of safe gun handling”,  we operate in the real world where some of us are armed every day, and we simply don’t have enough cheese to go with your whine.


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