Modern Survivalism, living in the Border Lands…

So if you are like me, you read a lot of survival blogs, books, and forums. The recurring theme as long as I can recall has been “Get to the woods, live in the hills, if you don’t have 40 acres and a solar array, you are dead!”  And lately the big push on some very mainstream sites has been “Get your family to the redoubt!, or you will die!”  and honestly this just will not work for most of us.


If you have the ability and means to move a full days drive from the nearest metro area, by all means go for it. Most of us cannot for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is INCOME, as in WORK. Yes, at least until the zombie hordes are stumbling down the way, most of us still have to have gainful employment (Its called SURVIVAL), and the simple fact is if you want to work, you have a much better chance of finding employment opportunities in an urban/suburban area. In fact if you want to follow just one well-known author to survive in the world we live in, I’d read Dave Ramsey instead of James Rawles.

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Other offerings found in such urbanized areas are much better medical care (important for our family), and educational opportunities. Not to mention that so long as the world has not lapsed into a mutant biker, ThunderDome existence, yours truly wants access to good restaurants, museums, symphonies and other culturally enlightening opportunities.  Why survive when you can thrive? Why live like a 13th Century monk, now only to realize at age 85 that you outlived the Apocalypse  happening?

Listen, I have lived very rural, and in an urban environment in the past. I spend a lot of work time in a large (2 million pop.) city, and I have found that being at the outer edge of the “suburbs” in the Midwest has the best blend of “Homestead” and “Civilization” I call this the Border Environment.  You see based on where I see our culture and world heading, ie. slow decline to the bottom over several decades, I simply am not ready to go all Grizzly Adams.

This is not to say that if you have the financial means to have that very rural farm and no want or need for any contact with urban America, that you shouldn’t pursue that option. For the rest of us, however; Survival  requires different strategies and tactics in an increasingly volatile environment.

Living in the Border Environment as a Thrive and Survive lifestyle, requires different approaches in order to mitigate a different set of risks, than those who choose to live rural. So pardon the long intro, and let’s get the items that everybody seems to get hung up on out-of-the-way first so that we can talk in-depth about Border Environment Survival and its components.

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