The Modern Survival Opportunist aka. Hunter-Gatherer


As a Survival Opportunist Face it we live in a pretty awesome time, technology does amazing things for us (like give you, medicine is highly developed which is good. We also have problems, most of which involve high costs, high taxation and spending.

Survival Opportunist

So how can the modern prepper-survivalist make the most of a limited income and also improve their tribes overall survivability? We think becoming a modern hunter/gatherer is one solution.

What is a modern hunter/gatherer? Simply put it involves being a opportunist, always on the lookout for items (often free or low-cost) that aid in your survivability and lower cost of living.

For an example our county government recently did tree management along the road in front of our home. For simply asking I had a years worth of good firewood deposited by end-loader in the back driveway, ready to cut and split! The road crew didn’t have to cut and chip it, saved fuel and labor my tax dollars pay for AND I have $200+ in free heat.

Hunting, trapping and fishing can legally fill a good portion your families protein needs every year, and watching Craigslist can net all sorts of free materials that can be used around the homestead for projects.

Pay attention as well when out and about or on your commute, I see lots of free “scrap” wood and building materials. Having a vehicle large enough to scoop up your treasures immediately is key (you aren’t the only one out there!) and keeping work gloves in the car is a good idea.

Survival Opportunist

In the past year we have gotten a pickup load of bricks, pallets, firewood, and even a solar panel by being a opportunist. Good luck!




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