How to create Folders and Files in Google Drive

Following along with our previous post with some tips and tricks for using google drive.  I was thinking that it would be a good idea to have a little tutorial on how to create a folder structure and then create the files in Google Drive.  This post is going with the assumption that you have already signed up for gmail and google drive.

Using google drive to manage your documents slightly changes the way that you manage your documents.  When you sign up you get 15 GB of free space in your google drive.  The nice thing about using google docs is that those documents do not count against your 15 GB of storage space.  The email in your gmail account however does.

To get started the first thing you want to do is to sign into your gmail account.  There is a google drive application that you can install and run from your computer.  I have found it much easier to just go ahead and log in to my gmail account and access it from there.

Google Drive easy to navigate

Once you are logged into your gmail account find the 9 small squares at the top right of your screen.Click on these 9 squares to access Google Apps  By clicking on these 9 squares you access the google apps that are available to you.

Find the Google Drive Icon and click on it

Click Icon to access Google Drive

This will bring you to the Google Drive Control Panel

Google Drive Control Panel

There are several things you can do from the Google Drive control panel.

Create a new document or folder

View the Items in your drive

View Items shared with you

View Photos

Recent Documents

And If 15 GB of storage is not enough you can upgrade your Google Drive for a small monthly fee for more space.  In most cases the 15GB of storage space will be more than enough.

Since we are focusing on how to create a new document.  Click on NEW

New Document Menu

For this post we will just focus on the first menu.  The Options are:

Folder – Click on this to create a new folder in your Drive.  If you have created a folder and want a sub folder in it.  Open the Folder then click new and it will create a sub folder inside of that top level folder.

File Upload – Click this to upload a file from your device to your Google Drive

Google Docs – Create a new document in the folder you have open on the right

Google Sheets – Create a new spreadsheet in the folder you have open on the right

Google Slides – Create a new slide show document in the folder you have open

Click new to create a Top Level Folder.  Give it a descriptive name.  If you click on the new folder once you will see a menu that lets you share the folder with others.

Share Menu

If you click the link it will create a link that  you can send to others for access to the folder.  By Clicking the person you can share the folder with specific people.  Of course if you click the trash can you will delete the folder.  It will ask you if you really want to delete the folder so make sure you don’t just click yes too fast…  If you click the three dots it will give you options for the folder to help you organize.  You can move the folder or document to another location.    You can also assign colors to your folders to make certain folders stand out.

I hope this was helpful to you.  Once you go through it a few times it will be super easy. I have found Google Drive to be great for sharing items with other.  Another really nice thing is that once you have shared a document you can see where people are in the document and have real time collaboration.

If you have any questions comments or tips let us know in the comments.



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