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GreenShot – the best free windows Screen Shot Utility

GreenShotGreenshot fills your windows screen shot needs.  Everyone has at one point or another had to need to take some screen shots.  Windows does have built in screenshot functionality.  But to make is useful you have to use it in combination with other software.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a low cost easy to use alternative?  Everyone nod their head in agreement.

Greenshot is a program that i have been using for years.  When ever someone asks me about a screenshot utility I tell them about it.  It is a light weight download.  The installer file is less than 2 MB in size.  Once installed it uses limited resources and is away a button push away

First Grab the download by going here 

Once you have it downloaded run the install file that you just downloaded.

The install wizard is pretty straight forward.  The usual next and accept options.  The only screen you may want to pay a bit of attention to is the Select components screen.   There are several different plugins that you can choose to enable with the install.  For most people the default options are fin and you can just click next.  I would also recommend leaving that box checked on Additional Tasks to have Greenshot start on boot.  That way it is loaded and ready to go when ever you need it.

By default the action button it the prt sc button.  This is convenient since you are probably already using that button to make your screen shots already.

When you press the prt sc button a selection template shows up on your screen allowing you to crop the screen shot to just the parts of the screen that you need.  After making your selection a wizard opens up asking you what you would like to do with the selection

Greenshot Options

If you need to do some editing to the image select the Open in image editor option. This is a very handy image editor that installs with greenshot.  The image editor makes it easy to add text and arrows to an image if needed.

Pros:  Easy to use, Does not use up many resources, Free

Cons:   None for Windows.   The apple version does cost $1.99 due to the high cost for apple development,  No Linux version if you are a linux user.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone.

If you are looking for a full featured image editor check out our review of GIMP