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The OSS Scout and Patreon

First the housekeeping: We are now on Patreon!  this is where you will find 90% of our content. You Tube has become hostile towards folks that share our values so we moved.

We are also working on the OSS Scout Program which will start as a series of how-to posts and videos and evolve into a series of classes and seminars with the culmination of a yearly “Scout Challenge”.

Our definition of the Scout: The scout is the eyes and ears of his tribe! The scout concept will be a conglomeration of primitive, colonial era , and modern skills and tools that enable the Scout to venture beyond the safety of the tribe and exist alone or in small teams for days to months in order to provide both intelligence and  foraged goods back to the tribe. The Scout will also be capable of providing delaying actions against a threat in order to provide his/her tribe crucial reaction time.

Simply put, look at the Colonial era Ranger companies  (Rogers and Brady in particular) and add some modern tools.  The Scout concept is for those who have no desire or may be incapable (age etc.) of acting in the “Light Infantry” role. The Scout is unseen and unheard until called upon to act.

A Scout may use his skills to simply vanish alone  into the deep woods  until trouble passes, or use those same skills to lead his family to safety through dangerous times. If the Scout is fortunate enough to be part of a larger tribe he will use the same skills to be the eyes of the tribe.

The Scout carries on the tradition of “The Shadows of the Forest”…..






I tried this shit and trust me, if my ass had fallen face first into a mud puddle I would have had to try to use one of my three fire starting methods to light my shitty chap-stick and signal for help before not only my two phones were water-logged , or I in fact drowned because all the “survival” shit I was carrying made it impossible to get up! Continue reading →

What tomorrow might hold….

 The Scene from Taken , (Which should be mandatory viewing for anyone with Teen Daughters simply because of the methods the bad-guys use to gain the trust and abduct the young women!) will make you evaluate how your children can be better prepared to deal with this situation. None of us are Liam Neeson characters, but all of can better prepare our families to deal with violent encounters by equipping them with training, tools and most importantly proper situational awareness to survive. Continue reading →