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Open Source Shotgun Project Day

I picked up a Mossberg 20Ga model 500 Turkey gun last week. We needed a good all-around homestead gun here (I love my flintlock dearly but it has its limits) at the small hold and I found a sale. For $349.00 I took home a new camo (oooh ahhh) dipped, 22″ barreled scattergun with fiber optic sights . I also picked up sa Mossberg modified choke tube to replace the ultra tight turkey tube the gun came with, in order to be able to use slugs.


FOr us a homestead gun needs to accomplish tasks such as predator eradication, food procurement, home defense, and fun. The Mossberg will handle all the above, enabling us to hunt fowl, deer and coyote while having enough power and capacity to defend hearth and home.
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