Borderland Projects at the Small-hold.

Yes We are still here, its been a while for certain, but I hope to personally post more frequently. If you read my first post you’ll know that our family is not ready to move to a remote location just in case society crumbles further. Given the ages of our children and need for JOBS we don’t find it practical to live a days drive from the nearest metro area.



So what we have done is purchase 3 acres of land and a small house in a rural Midwestern area, about 50 minutes from a large city. This gives us access to work opportunities, education, healthcare and entertainment without the urban problems. It is truly the best and worst of both worlds, not far enough out to be “remote” and not close enough for a fast commute! It has given us the opportunity however to try our hand at some basic self sufficiency tasks. I will be posting some of our past and current adventures as we strive to balance practicality and paranoia!IMGP3262

Projects thus far:

24×24 pole barn
Raised Bed gardens (I put these in 8 years ago with rough lumber, it’s now time to replace them.)
Berry Patch
Fruit trees
Herb Gardens
Solar power for barn
Bees! (First honey was gathered this year!)
Water catchment system

Upcoming projects

Tractor shopping
Homestead truck hunt
More Honeybee’s
New raised beds
Peach orchard
Wheat and Barley
More Hops vines

I invite you to check back frequently and find out if it’s really possible to prepare for hard times while keeping one foot in the rat-race, and over time as we attempt to replace our current work income with home-based incomes.

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