Microweight Urban Kit

Here is something I threw together that can be tossed in a bag or pocket, or even sewn into a piece of clothing.

I am moving toward a minimalist/ultralight daily carry method. Even though I keep a GHB (Get Home Bag) in the car, I wanted a little Ace up my sleeve so to speak in the event I was traveling with someone else or disaster prevented me from reaching the vehicle.



Kit Contents:

Cyalume Light stick (light)

Kevlar line (Cordage)

Bogota Titanium Lock picks (shelter)

Mini Diamond file (Cutting/Sharpening/escape)

Micro Handcuff key (Escape)

$40 Cash  (Gold shown as option for those working OCONUS)

Strike anywhere matches  (Heat/Light)

Verbatum micro Usb drive with Tails Linux boot-able (communications)

Mini Knife/saw (Making tools, Cutting)

Padlock Shims (Shelter / escape)

Button Compass (Direction Finding)

If you have a “Seal-A-Meal” or other food vacuum packer you can use it to easily seal up the kit in a tiny flat package, otherwise follow the instructions below to use Mylar bags and a small vacuum cleaner, its not as compacted but still works well.


  •  Now simply lay out the items flat as close together as possible on a sheet of notebook paper
  • Trace around the  grouped items
  • Using a ruler trace a box around the original tracing approx 1/2″ bigger on all 4 sides.
  • This square/rectangle is the size mylar bag we will need. If a common sized bag is too large we will simply trim two sides of it using our paper pattern.
  • Then seal three of the trimmed sides with an iron.
  • Place your items inside
  • Seal the opening, leaving a small 1/8″ gap
  • Insert the smallest attachment from a black and decker “dust buster ” or other small vacuum and suck out as much air as possible.
  • Remove the vacuum tube as quickly seal the gap.




I’m already working on version 2.0 which will contain the contents of a military Sparklight fire kit and a form of water purification.

Stay tuned!



What tomorrow might hold….

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