The Smock-kit

The British “SAS” smock, it’s what all the cool kids seem to wear these days if you read any of the cool kid blogs. While my use for this interesting piece of clothing bears only mild resemblence to theirs, it is still a superb garment for the modern hunter-gatherer and for general outdoor use.

Most folks touting the smock these days are intending to utilize it for its designed purpose, combat. I on the other hand see very little liklihood of armed woodland conflict in my future, I do see myself spending much time in the woodlands hunting, trapping, paddling and bushcrafting. As such I am always looking for that “ultimate” thing, be it a pack, rifle or in this case jacket.

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I tried this shit and trust me, if my ass had fallen face first into a mud puddle I would have had to try to use one of my three fire starting methods to light my shitty chap-stick and signal for help before not only my two phones were water-logged , or I in fact drowned because all the “survival” shit I was carrying made it impossible to get up! Continue reading →