Build your personal “Intelligence” service,

In the fast paced and sometimes dangerous world we find ourselves in, wouldn’t it be nice to get intelligence briefings and early warnings like the president and other world leaders?


A good Motto, even without a U2


In a way, you can do just this to stay on top of events and watch trends, possibly seeing predictors of coming trouble and being able to plan accordingly. The bad news is , it requires some work and diligence, the good news? You don’t have to infiltrate a government agency or run a ring of spies.
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What tomorrow might hold….

The Scene from Taken , (Which should be mandatory viewing for anyone with Teen Daughters simply because of the methods the bad-guys use to gain the trust and abduct the young women!) will make you evaluate how your children can be better prepared to deal with this situation. None of us are Liam Neeson characters, but all of can better prepare our families to deal with violent encounters by equipping them with training, tools and most importantly proper situational awareness to survive. Continue reading →