Extended Scout Pack on a Dollar Store Budget

From my account of our night on Gobbler Ridge, you know I have kicked Alice to the curb. So I have been on the lookout for a new pack, and while I dont mind paying a premium for quality gear that works, I’m also half Scot so thrift runs in my blood.

Enter the surplus Swedish 35L rucksack. Obviously its a 35L ruck in size (2135cu) So its about the same volume as a medium Alice, but numbers can be surprising. The shape of a pack will dictate how much you can actually get in it. In the case of the Swedish ruck, I would say 15-25% more useable volume.  Our SOP calls for a ruck to be between 1700 and 2500 cu in. for long scouts of up to a week. For an overnight scout you can get away with much less.

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Survival Gun for the Average Joe (Or Biden was right…sort of…once…really he was)

law and disorder This gives me a quality firearm that is legal nearly anywhere, that I can hunt, defend and survive with. It is mechanically simple and easily repaired, parts are everywhere and so is ammunition. In fact, during the absolute height of the ammo drought last year, I could buy 12 gauge nearly everywhere. THis one time expenditure also gives me not only a small stock of survival ready ammunition for hunting and defense but enough for practice at the range which will give me a level of comfort and knowledge on my new survival tool. Continue reading →