A Blog you should be reading

If you are not reading Ed’s Blog http://edpoint.tumblr.com/ then you are missing out on some rather insightful content in the arena of urban survival.




I am not talking about “Zombie Apocalypse” bullshit, I am talking about skills and ideas for those who work in an urban environment and especially those who live or work in high crime areas.  I frequent areas that at times resemble Blackhawk Down in the summer season and am always looking for any tips, tricks, or techniques that might give me an advantage if faced with violence.

Ed is as near as I can tell from the blog, involved in law enforcement in Mexico, and if your head has not been completely inserted in your rectal cavity for the past decade or three you will be aware of how dangerous that country can be, and doubly so for a cop. Ed teaches blade work and knife defense, improvised weapons and escapology, which given the terrain he operates in and the kidnapping and abduction rate, could be a life saving skill.

We are dedicated to giving our readers real world, useable skills and Ed’s blog is just that.

“When it comes to Fieldcraft of the nasty kind, tools need to be neutral, simple, concealable and readily available to deploy and use..they also need to be disposable…. Keep this in mind when you are layering your Needle and Thread kit…..keep your family heirlooms at home .”


What tomorrow might hold….

The Scene from Taken , (Which should be mandatory viewing for anyone with Teen Daughters simply because of the methods the bad-guys use to gain the trust and abduct the young women!) will make you evaluate how your children can be better prepared to deal with this situation. None of us are Liam Neeson characters, but all of can better prepare our families to deal with violent encounters by equipping them with training, tools and most importantly proper situational awareness to survive. Continue reading →